Ngukurr is a remote Indigenous community on the banks of the Roper River in southern Arnhem Land, Northern Territory.

A number of different clans and language groups are represented in the town, with Kriol being the main language spoken.

Collectively, Indigenous people in the Roper River area refer to themselves as Yugul Mangi, and the Yugul Mangi Aboriginal Corporation works closely with the Roper Gulf Regional Council to provide services and economic opportunities in Ngukurr and surrounding areas.

The town was originally settled by the Church Mission Society in 1908, known then as the Roper River Mission. The mission moved to the present site of Ngukurr in 1940, following a major flood. The government took over management of the town in 1968.

Approximately 1000 people live in the township of Ngukurr, which is accessible by air, road & water.

Like most communities, jobs can be hard to find & the expense of living away from major towns, makes even the basic necessities costly due to freighting everything in.

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